Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A little update

Hey all, Melinda here. I'm the middle sister. Kris said in the last post that I would be uploading photos of our time away, and I most certainly will...just been having a few technical difficulties known as 'new computeritis'.
So what's the latest? Not much really. Phil had an appointment with his oncologist a little while ago (maybe a week ag0?), which was fairly uneventful, but he did say that it doesn't look like Phil will get into any of the clinical drug trials that may have been a possibility. This is basically because he isn't yet 18, and isn't terribly unexpected I suppose.
In other news, Phil has gone down to the Royal Kids today to have a CT scan of his lungs, which will tell us what the tumors are doing-growing, staying the same size, etc. He then has a further appointment with the oncologist on Thursday, which is when we will get the results of the CT scan. No idea what sort of news we will get with these results, just back into the waiting game for a little while....
I (or someone!) will write again when we have those results, so you can all be kept in the loop.
Thanks for all your prayers and support :)

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