Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday test results....

Phil had his appointment with the oncologist yesterday to get his results from Tuesday's scan. The results of the scan were as expected (apparently....). The largest tumor is now 12mm, from a previous 5mm, (last scan was December), there are also more spots, which are small tumors.

It would be nice if we (Mel and Kris) had some idea of what that ACTUALLY meant in terms of when and what will happen next. Feels pretty vague at the moment. He isn't going to be having any chemotherapy and as Melinda said the other day, he is too young for a clinical trial.

BTW Phil looks to be the picture of health, no signs of what's lurking beneath.

On other fronts things are good. It's Mel's 21st on Saturday night so we are gearing up for a big party....Mum has been cooking for weeks.

Phil, Jen, Mum and Dad are going to Tasmania for 3 weeks over the school holidays.

Melinda is sitting next to me and just said "It doesn't sounds like much information, does it?...But it's all we know eh...." so there you have it. Updated.

K and M. x


  1. Happy Birthday Mel! Make it a memorable one, and I'm glad to hear that Phil's feeling good. Blessings, Joce <><

  2. Sounds like good news so far... even if it isn't the end... I'll try to remember to keep praying for you guys... and hopefully the not much news, will turn into LOTS of good news. ;-D ---Colin G

  3. What is there to say?
    You guys are doing something really special with this blog.

  4. Little information is the name of the game with this's hard to not really know what's going on but you just have to take it one day at a time and if it's a good day then have a good day and try to look for the blessings at such a hard time.

  5. Hey Kris and Melinda -
    thanks heaps for the update - Alex and I are regular readers. thanks for keeping us up on even the 'not much news', it's great to be able to keep up step by step with what is going on. Mel hope you have a fantastic birthday! :D And Kris, miss ya, hope to see you soon. Love Mon