Monday, June 22, 2009

the toothbrush saga......

So this morning i commented on the blog that Melinda had used my this is not the first time this has happened...i think it might actually be the third or forth....made obvious by the faded permanent marker that says "This is KRIS' toothbrush not MELS"....anyway... our hero of the day is Kathy Brewer who turned up with some bread and new toothbrushes this morning!!!

I was actually quite happy to keep using my toothbrush...but just went down the street and whilst out received the following text from Melinda...."I realised it was your toothbrush when I stuck it in my mouth and looked in the mirror....", that is too many times.....goodbye old friend. There is a brand spanking new toothbrush awaiting me on our kitchen bench. Thankyou Kathy.

On another note Phil has been more active....he actually asked for marijuana this afternoon...on two occassions..I'm sleeping now but will explain this tomorrow... Just when I left Mum and Dad both individually said goodnight to him and he responded to both of them saying "I love you too."

Sleeping time here. Thankyou for all your support.

Love Kris


  1. I like your use of the phrase 'I am sleeping now'!