Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday again....

This last week has gone like a whirlwind.....

Late last Saturday Phil was admitted to Warragul Hospital after having a major bleed on his brain, which caused a stroke.

The doctors didn't expect him to survive Saturday night, let alone Sunday, but he is still with us, and has improved vastly since then. He is awake and whenever he has morphine he is chatty and happy to see people.

We don't really know what is happening next.....he needs to be off his IV drip and eating before he is allowed to come home. So needs to be eating and drinking lots more.

Even after that we don't know how long we have. Yay for the waiting game?!.......

Kris x


  1. Phil and all of you are constantly in our prayers. he is probably the most prayed for guy in Warragul ATM. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this blog to keep us up-to-date.

  2. We have a powerful God full of compassion for His people. You are an inspiration to all. May God continue to uphold you all through this and give you His peace that passes all understanding. God bless.

  3. Our prayers are with you all during this time of uncertainty. We pray that Phillip is as comfortable and pain free as possible. He is one very remarkable young man who has been an insperation to many of us. Thanks for this blog that keeps us updated with how not only Phil is going but how all the family are with each new day. God bless you all. the Lynch's

  4. Yes, you guys are constantly on my mind and in my prayers. I so appreciate this blog, you are doing an amazing job keeping us all updated. So pleased you are able to enjoy some laughs and good chats with Phil. Love and support, Caroline Weatherhead