Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday already!

I just looked on the blog and was surprised that nothing has been written for three whole days.....

Today is a bad day. Phil was apparently in a really good mood this morning and asking to play monopoly, then, he had a nasogastric tube put in..... he didn't enjoy that at all. In fact he hates it, a lot. So much so that he has even threatened to refuse to swallow his tablets....(the nurse said they will crush them up and put the through the tube....)

He has been having quite bad headaches and vomiting which isn't much fun for the poor lad. We have been keeping clear of the hospital unless specially requested cause he doesn't really want company. Poor kid.

Melinda is currently knitting two woolen turtles, one for me and one for Renay....(maybe I should introduce her....she is my roommate from college and came to keep me company...all the way from QLD).... Everyone else is fine really, nothing much to report.

Thanks for prayers and support.

Kris x

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  1. Thanks for the update Kris. It's appreciated!