Monday, July 27, 2009

another week

Hey all. Melinda had her exam today and reported that it went alright. Yay that is good news. Jenny's birthday tomorrow, she is missing the first part of school so she can have waffles (family tradition) with Phil when he wakes up.

The family party on Sunday was fun, the food was great. Phil wasn't great though. He slept most of the day and was pretty miserable.

They have upped his morphine which while helping with pain makes him feel sick and so in turn his anti-nausea drugs have to be adjusted. Poor kid.

It's hard for us kids to know how to care for him when he feels sick and just wants to be left alone. Feel a bit lost really. He did perk up a little bit on Sunday afternoon and that was nice. Got my first hug in quite a while.

Thanks for your prayers. Please pray for Phil that his morphine and other drugs will be effective.

Please pray for peace for us all.

Love Kris.


  1. Hi Kris, my heart and prayers go out for you all. Perhaps you kids could help Phil with his space... so when he opens his eyes he sees things he loves... perhaps pictures, poems, bible verses... things to encourage and inspire him. I'm sure as you do this, you will also be encouraged and inspired.
    Love Joce <>< xo

  2. Hey Kris and fam, sorry to hear that Phil isn't feeling well :/ I can only imagine that it would be tricky figuring out how to support him. Lots of love and prayers for peace for you all. xoxox Mon and Alex