Monday, July 20, 2009

Hullo all, sorry for the delayed posts, especially to those who I've seen throughout the week who have been pestering for an update!
It was exactly 4 weeks ago yesterday that Phil went into hospital. What a crazy 4 weeks they have been. A great deal of stress and uncertainty, but we've all managed to get through alright.

And for the big news...Phil came home yesterday :) This is the next step in this rollercoaster journey, and we are all praying that Phil (and the rest of us!) can adjust well to being at home. So far so good, Phil has been doing well, a bit tired, but pain is under control. We are having a visit from one of the palliative care nurses once or twice a day to help out with a few things and see how we are doing, and one of the doctors will visit every couple of days.
We are so thankful to all the wonderful staff up on the ward at the Warragul Hospital who have taken such good care of Phil while he's been up there. They have done an amazing job, and we applaud them.

Another thankyou required is to our wonderful friend David Innes for contacting his Masterchef connection, who organised for Phil to be sent a Masterchef apron signed by some of the contestants! Phil was really excited about it, he has been an avid watcher of the show (as has the whole family) :) He was very excited to be able to be home to watch the final episode last night!!

Now that Phil is home, he is usually quite happy to have a few visitors, so feel free to drop round and say hello, he appreciates seeing a new face.

As for the rest of us...we are all doing alright. Jen went back to school last week, and so far it has been good. I start back at uni today. I have an exam on thursday (because I deferred them) which I would really appreciate prayer for, as I haven't really achieved any study these holidays. I also have to have job applications in for next year by the end of this month, which haven't gone far yet. Ben, Lovy, Kris and Sherryn are all in their respective homes, returned to study and work. They are all doing fine.
Mum and Dad are a bit tired, as would be expected during the adjustment, but otherwise they are alright, just adjusting like we all are.
Well I don't think there is any other news, we are just so thankful to be able to bring Phil home.
Thanks once again to all of you for your prayers and support, it is so greatly appreciated.
Blessings, Mel xx


  1. Melindamelinda that is so great news!!
    God is so awesome. Hope this time with him is really great. Praying for your family and the exam.... you'll be fine =)
    love you!! rach

  2. hey Mel,

    sure thing!! praying for your exams... i've experienced multiple times the exam angel that our gracious father sends! :) be encouraged, you are watched by Him and loved!

    great news to have phil home too.
    jacinta & nathan (& bub)

  3. Hi from us. Great to hear Phil is home. Always in our prayers each day. Mel,Will send one up for your exams etc. All big!!
    Catch you soon.