Monday, July 6, 2009

should have written this the other day....

for those who don't know a nasogastric tube is a feeding tube that goes up the nose and down the throat into your is for people who are having trouble eating or aren't eating.....they put the food through the tube...anyway as you know Phil hated the tube with an undying passion and since having it taken out he has been more motivated to eat than i have ever seen before. So that is an answer to prayer. He has also been given some drugs to stimulate his appetite and they seem to be working he ate his dinner last night plus half of mum's.

Last night he also had his first night by himself in hospital (first night alone in this last two weeks in that is), Dad came home and slept on the condition that Phil's pain meds would be in ready supply if he needed them, apparently Phil slept well, and if Dad hadn't had super rich chocolately pudding cake right before he went to bed I'm sure he would have too!....

Kris xx


  1. Continued thanks for the fantasic updates - God's blessings! Sarah Bush

  2. Hey Kris - Alex and I are back in Aus, thanks for the updates. Will be praying! We shall see you sometime :) I know it's crazy right now. xox Mon

  3. Hang in there is all I have really...hope that at such a challenging time that you'll be able to find peace through the haze

  4. Just worked out how to work this blog thing and was sent the address from Caroline Weatherhead. This is a great idea I know I am a bit behind the times but this will be great to keep up with the news, even for a technilogically challenged person like myself!!! Hi from all our family. You are all often in our thoughts and prayers. You are amazing to us with all your challenging happeneings .

    Andy Wallace