Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday again again....

Hey everyone, its Sunday again again. Wow, says Melinda (genuinely surprised sitting next to me)...

Phil is going ok as long as the pain meds are kept in ready supply...the minute a headache comes on morphine and panadol are given ASAP...otherwise it is not fun for anyone involved.

So phil doesn't have a normal drip in his arm anymore, he has the PICC line that Mel talked should be able to stay in a long time, even if it isn't connected to an IV machine, so it's nice and flexible.

Dad shared Phil's testimony when he preached at church this morning, it was a bit emotional for everyone..... meanwhile other than occassional expected emotional ups and downs we are all holding together ok. Another week left of holidays for me, not sure about the others, think they have a bit longer.

We are collecting photos of Phil and are wondering if people have any particularly good ones they would like to pass on to us. (We don't really have many pics of Phil with his mates....probably because he has been sick for so long).... so if you have any, and have time to find them (seriously no stress), could you please email them to or pass them onto us in person...(we can scan them and give them back or whatever)....

right now i am loving the sound of rain on the roof and my bed is calling my name (hopefully someone has just put on the kettle of my hot water bottle, best friends are good for such things).

Kris xx

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