Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kris (checking the blog)- "My goodness! We haven't written on the blog since Sunday!"

Melinda - "Are you serious?"

Sorry folks, we have no good excuse things have been pretty tame around here.

Phil is eating, still not drinking much.

He has had some more physio this week and has sat out of bed for a little while a few days running.

They have changed Phil's drugs, so that he is no longer on IV morphine, actually he is off the drip, (still has the PICC line though). So now he is on oral morphine and endone (which is also morphine, a quick acting one), along with a plethera (Mel just mumbled that word behind me) of other drugs.

The word 'home' and 'next week' have been mentioned a few times, but as usual we will believe it when we see it.

Phil recovering to this stage was not expected, the drs in Warragul have been talking to the palliative team at the Royal Childrens to get advice of Phil's situation. A stroke in a seventeen year old is very rare. Every now and then the doctors get all excited about what they are going to do next, then they remember (by seeing a scan or Phil feeling sick), the reality of Phil's situation.

Please pray for wisdom for the Doctors and Mum and Dad as they make decisions about the next steps in caring for Phil.

I'm back to college on Monday, Melinda and Jenny still have another week off school.
Please pray for Melinda as she needs to start applying for nursing jobs (her eyes are widening), and also as she had to defer her exams 3 weeks ago, so they are coming up soon!

Going back to college, school etc., "normal life" I spose the word would be but then again I spose this is "normal life" for us... anyway.... it is a bit stressful, a) because we aren't at home with family, and b) because it is kind of overwhelming being around people who may have no idea at all "how your holidays have been". Such a conversation killer. : )

Wow feels like I have written as essay, shows how long I've been on holidays for!

Kris xx

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