Friday, August 27, 2010


We've always had a bit of a tradition on family holidays.  We arrive at whatever place we are staying, get settled, and within a couple of days we have found the local minigolf course, and have to go there atleast once during our stay.  You might be surprised just how many towns have a minigolf course. 

Phil always loved playing minigolf.  He was good at it too, and always competitive, while managing to have a great deal of fun!!  In the above instance, mum, dad, Phil and Jen were on holidays in Tasmania, and in usual style, had found somewhere to play minigolf.  Jen somehow managed to hit her ball into the water under the bridge, and left mum dad and Phil to fish it out while she took photos!

Last year Phil and I decided we would do a minigolfing tour of Australia.  Even after he had his stroke he still joked about it in his amazing positive way.  What a trooper :) 

Wish he was still here for more adventures. 



  1. Lovely memories. Your family's traditions have been lovely to learn about, and what a lovely way to keep Phil's memory alive.

  2. What lovely memories.I think you should still do a minigolfing holiday.I have been thinking of you all and praying for you as your first anniversary of Phillips checkout is near,
    Love and hugs for you all.
    Wendy Fidler XxxxOOOOOo