Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I miss Phil. 

I stayed at Warragul with friends on the weekend and a four year old slept in Phil's room.  His dad had told him that it used to be Phil's room.  So when he had the opporunity to talk to me, Simeon said... Miss Kris, I have something I want to ask you about....  He wanted to know when Phil would be coming back, I told him that Phil was in heaven, because he loved Jesus.  One of the things I love about kids is that they aren't embarassed by tears, it made me cry as I told him, but he didn't seem to mind, or be put off the discussion. 

But I really miss Phil, and I'm sad that he isn't coming back.  He would have loved to be at home this weekend just gone.  We had such fun, made so many fat jokes and told many stories about him.... and he didn't come back. 

Kris x


  1. Big hugs Kris xoxo
    I think it helps to have people that aren't afraid to ask and aren't afraid of tears. Yay for Simeon, lets hope he doesn't lose that as he grows up. I think adults can learn a lot from kids.

  2. Hey Kristen. Thanks for posting - it's good to hear how you're doing.

    The Bible study I'm prepping for at the moment is Romans 8:18-30, which I was also studying two years ago at the same time of year. Reading the passage makes me remember how much it helped when we'd just heard about Phil's diagnosis, and I was trying to work out why it was all happening. I found it immensely encouraging then, and it often comes back to mind.

    love to you all x