Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hey everyone!

Hey everybody,
Its phil here. Just thought i would right a quick update on how things r going.

I start radiation on thursday. Its going fine. Im only in the hospital for about twenty minutes a day so it gets pretty boring during the rest of the day.
Mum and I are staying with some friends down there. Their cat likes me, but not mum.

So things are going good with me, im not feeling to bad, but my appetite isnt great. Everyone else is good.

Just a couple of prayer points before i go.
Melinda, Kristen and Sherryn all have exams coming up. That the radiation will not make my throat sore, so i can keep eating normal food and just for the Dad, jenny and melinda while mum is not around.

Anyway I am trying to follow Valkyrie at the same time as writing this and its not going to well,

Thanks for the prayers guys,
Cheers, Phil


  1. keep going strong Phil The Bushs

  2. Hi Phil
    We've finally figured out how to post comments ... we're always talking about you and remembering the great time we had when you visited us here in NZ. And praying for you before we start school in the mornings - especially Becky.
    All the Marshalls

  3. Hey Phil - I don't exactly know you :) but Alex and I know Kris well - it's cool to hear from you on here, we follow along lots. Glad to hear you made friends with the cat. Is Valkyrie any good? (we were dubious after watching the trailer for two reasons: 1.Tom Cruise 2.'Germans' with British accents). we are glad you are feeling pretty good, and we will be praying for you!!!! :) Monica and Alex