Thursday, May 7, 2009

So I thought I would write a post cause it has been a while.
Mum, Dad, Phil and Jenny had a great time away in Tasmania...hopefully we will get some photos up soon, I need to be in the same place as the pictures are.

Melinda and I had a great Easter with friends from college and some other places going down to Warragul for fun times. We had a great family lunch on the Sunday.

Anyway Phil has had some chest pain. He went to the doctor who gave him some Otopocide...I think that is how it is is an oral chemotherapy, not too strong, not meant to have side effects. The dr thought the pain might have been being caused by a lump pressing on his ribs. Phil has tried the chemo, but it made him sick so he hasn't continued it.

He also has a swollen gland on his shoulder...not really sure what is causing it..but apparently it is quite obvious. weird. Still he has a specialist appointment in a couple of weeks so we will know more from there.

So he hasn't been too great, but he still looks well which is nice.

Thanks for prayers and support. We really appreciate you all.

Love Kris


  1. What a fantastic idea to do this - love the name. Hope you've had a great holiday.
    Sarah Bush
    PS I don't have a profile but I'm not anonymous either!

  2. Sorry to hear he's not doing great. Good to hear that he looks well, I think it helps a lot, even if it's a day to day relief.

  3. Thinking of you all. You are in our prayers. Lots of love

  4. thinking of you Phil and Kris

    Nerissa xx

  5. Thank you for sharing your lives with us, it gives us direction for prayer and we all love Phil and love to 'keep tabs' on him.
    Prayers and love in Christ