Thursday, May 21, 2009

today's news

Hullo all.  Phil had a routine appointment with his oncologist today, he had a chest x-ray to see how things are going too.  The nodules on his lungs aren't doing much at the moment, they haven't really grown since the last scan which is good.  I think Kris mentioned in the last blog that Phil has a lump kind of between his shoulder and neck which has been giving him a bit of discomfort, not too bad, just annoying and a little painful.  The oncologist looked at it today and said he thinks Phil should have some radiotherapy on it to reduce it.  So he's got an appointment with a radiotherapist in Moorabbin (I think?) sometime soon to figure out when that will happen.  Last time he had radio it was at Peter Mac, but they decided this is a bit closer, which will be much easier.  
That's about it for now, Phil is doing ok, hasn't been able to make it to school yet this term, he is usually feeling a bit unwell when he wakes up, but he's chugging along, as are the rest of us.  
Thanks for reading, and for your support.
All for now, Melinda xx

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