Friday, August 7, 2009

another update

Phil's settling back into being at home. He's doing ok, eating and drinking a little more. He was able to sit out of bed for a few hours yesterday which was nice.
He's still really tired, sleeping a lot of the time.
The rest of us are doing ok. I passed both my exams. Ben and Lovy just got a new puppy.
Not totally sure where things are headed or when at the moment, but I suppose we will find out when we get there.
Thanks all,
mel xx


  1. Mel, congrats on passing your exams...well done.. hope Phillip is doing ok with his food and drink we will pray about this and prayers to you all love Kaylene Gardner

  2. Hi Mel, congratulations on passing your exams. We continue to pray for all the family and Phillip and hope that he is as comfortable as can be. It is good to hear that he is out of hospital and was able to spend some time sat out of bed. Again thanks for keeping us all updated with what is happening so that we can continue to pray for the needs of all the family. Christian blessings, The Lynch's