Sunday, August 16, 2009

Phil is doing pretty well at the moment. Eating and drinking well, sitting up watching movies and playing the Wii and the xbox. We are enjoying some fun times :)
He is also able to check his facebook/email, so if anyone wants to send him a message through those means, please feel free to do so.
The rest of us are doing ok, I'm currently 1 week through a six week nursing placement, staying with Ben, Lovy and their new puppy. Everyone is well.
Thanks all heaps for everything :)
Melinda xx


  1. Hey it's Tim Harris, I sent Phil an email but I'm not sure if it was to the right address, so hopefully that'll work. I sent it to a hotmail one.

  2. Enjoying the image of Phil sitting up playing Wii and Xbox! Great to know that.
    Assembly at school last week touched the hearts of many students. You are really having an impact Phil. Stay close to God. With prayers always. Caroline Weatherhead