Monday, August 24, 2009


The morning of the night Phil had his stroke Phil and I were chatting on facebook and we had decided that the following day we would play canasta, we hadn't played for ages and I hadn't been at home for a few weeks. (When Phil was having treatment last year he and I used to play canasta with Mum a lot. It was like our thing).

Anyway on Saturday morning we finally got to play. It wasn't the great game of Canasta ever, but that wasn't really the point. Fun times.

Kris x


  1. Another lovely doesn't have to be the greatest game you've had together, it is about continuing the fun times, and building very special memories that you can treasure forever. Play on...
    Love Caroline Weatherhead xx

  2. Hey Kris, Glad you and Phil finally got your Canasta time together :) No idea what Canasta is but I'm sure it's great. ;) Lots of love, Mon

  3. Good to hear. These little windows of normality (or more normal than usual) were always a blessing for us and I hope they are for you to.