Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Phil is doing really well at the moment, his voice has finally come back (it was croaky for a few weeks there) and he is in good spirits.

We had a good time on the weekend playing cards and watching movies.

Phil's sense of humour is still completely intact. He has still been in fine form. getting up to mischevious even from the confines of his bed.

Melinda is doing a couple of weeks of night shift nursing placement at the moment, combined with daytime interviews for positions for her grad year. Please pray for her....interviews are important and combined with no sleep.......

Kris :)


  1. That's good to hear. Hopefully I'll be able to visit soon.

    Tim (Harris)

  2. thanks again for the updates...even though I pray for Phil these updates remind me to pray more often....and for you all too...its esp lovely to hear good things happening ...Praise God....Kaylene xxx

  3. Love is a memory of yesterday, today and tomorrow and for our minds will be forever strong full of memories of Phil