Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's happening next.

To give you the heads up.

The funeral will be on Saturday at 10am at Community Church in Warragul.

Community Church is on the corner of King and Wills Street.

All welcome.

There will be more information to come, but please no flowers, we would prefer that people donate money to the Paediatric Ward and Palliative Care (there will be envelopes etc at the funeral).


  1. we wish we could be there to celebrate Phil's life with you. Is there a web address you could give those out of towners so that we can donate long distance? thanks...praying for you all, Tina and David, Frances and Samuel Cannon

  2. flowers are still nice...hope you have some...
    love from David Cannon and all

  3. I can't begin to express how grateful so many of us are to you guys for this blog. I look forward to celebrating Phil's life with you all on Saturday. Love and prayers of comfort.
    Caroline W.

  4. Well said Caroline. We totally agree. We will also be there on Saturday to celebrate Phil's life.
    To Tom, Lyn and "Kids", words cannot express how we feel. Your whole family, along with Phi have been such and encouragement to us. May the God of comfort be extremely close to you all as you go through this time of mourning.
    Christ's love, Bill and Leanne.

  5. I and my family will be there.
    -Tim Harris.

  6. Our condolences, thoughts and prayers.
    Jeremy and Katie Law

  7. Chris would love to be there but has no way of getting down-anyone going from around Mount Waverley who could give him a lift?
    His mobile is 042 565 8888

  8. I have been thinking of you all a lot this week. Both Eleanor & I will be praying for The Guilford's and Phil's thanksgiving service & funeral on Saturday.
    Cling to what you know, rejoice in what you've got, lament what you have lost. Our Father understands all this better than any of us!

  9. We have been praying for you all and will continue to do so; have just got back from holidays and caught up with what's been happening. Tom and Lyn - we love you, and pray that you will know God's sustaining and enabling over the days ahead. We thank Him for the times we had with Phil and the rest of you, here in NZ and down at Philip Island - such good memories to have. Will talk soon

    David and Jill Marshall and the girls

  10. Thanks so very much for your blog girls, and for your courageouness in keeping us all up to date. We were so sad to hear that Phil lost his battle, but so incredibly happy that he was a friend of God's, and that he is therefore now awaiting everyone else's arrival for the grand reunion. We are very sorry we couldn't make it to the funeral, but you have been very much in our thoughts this week, Tom and Lynn, as have the whole family. We are very sad for your loss.
    Love and prayers,
    Larry, Cate, Emily and Anna McKeown.