Monday, September 28, 2009


Doctor just came, Phil's pulse is a bit weaker today. He doesn't have much breath sound at all on his left side, in other words - one lung down.

He seems comfortable, but it would be good if he could drink a bit more, that would help him- there's a prayer point.



  1. May Our Lords peace sustain you all at this time and especially may Phillip know only the true Peace that comes from God. Prayers and love to each of you and esp Phillip. xxx Kaylene Gardner

  2. May God bless Phil and you all with his peace. May his strength uphold you. May He comfort you. May Phil and you all be at peace and rejoice that God will never leave him and has him in his hands.
    Love and thoughts,

  3. Kris, we don't know what to say. We love you. We love Phil. We are your brother and sister, and we love you lots. Peace, comfort and grace to you dear girl, and to your lovely family. Sair & Aaron

  4. So hard to find the right words-there really aren't any-praying for Phil to be able to take a little drink-and for all our you now and always
    Glennie xox