Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not looking great.

Finally I'm back at home.

This last week hasn't been great for Phil, he has been quite wheezy, but upon listening to his chest it is actually decreased breath sounds, which is caused by the tumours. It is quite hard for him to breath.

He is very tired.

There is a notable difference between the last time I saw him. Mum said that he has deteriorated in the last couple of days.

While the least of Phil's concerns at the moment he also has a tumour in his abdomen which is growing quickly.

Nothing else to say really.


  1. Thanks Kris,
    Praying for you all.

  2. thanks Kris, we will be praying for Phil and you all. We love you! Love Moni and Lex

  3. Sorry to hear Kris, but I hope you can all share in some more special moments of the next few days. I'll be thinking of & praying for you all... Love Joce xo

  4. Thanks for the update, our prayers are with you all. The Lynch's

  5. Thanks Kris. Praying for you all. Love Jenni Merriel

  6. Love and Prayers to you all. Kaylene Gardner

  7. So sorry to read this-emailed your mum a few days back but she didn't tell me all this-you are all in my thoughts as always-sending you hugs and prayers across the sea-wish I could be closer-feeling very far away
    Love Auntie Glennie xox

  8. Continuing to pray for Phil and you all. Luv Janene Williames & co.

  9. Thanks Kris will be praying for you guys

  10. Phil, you and all your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Dave & Win Knight and family
    Philippians 4:6 and 7

  11. Sorry to hear about all this. Will continue praying for you all.
    -Tim Harris

  12. Thanks Kris for the update. Know that many of us are praying for Phil and all of you. May you feel God's strength and His love and His peace which passes all understanding. Love and prayers - Caroline Weatherhead

  13. You girls have been so "brave" to keep us updated - I'm sure it's not beenasy some days, it's been really important to us all in helping us know how to pray for you guys, so thanks from all of us. I'm sure mum and dad have appreciated you taking on this role. Hugs.
    Sarah Bush xo

  14. Hey guys,

    Last week I wore my "High School Musical" T-shirt, in public, and taken a photo as evidence but couldn't upload it. Please let Phil know this! Am thinking and praying for you.
    Dan the International Man of Mystery

  15. Thanks Kris and Mel for your timely updates. Will be praying for Phil and family. It goes with out saying; as this ordeal continues that reliance on God is the only thing left for Phil's care and well being.