Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday October 3rd

This is just a quick entry... well that's what I'm thinking as I start typing anyway.

Today was a hard, but a really good day. Thankyou so much to all the people who came... (the funeral sign-in book had 497 names not including our own.

We really felt loved and supported. The weather even warmed up in the afternoon, blue sky and sunshine.

I think Phil would have approved.

I will be uploading the photo tribute and eulogies etc., in the next couple of days. Tomorrow is Mum's birthday so it will be after that some time.

Kris x


  1. it was a beautiful service! thankyou guys so much for being apart of my life! you are so inpirational and phil will be one who motivates me to keep going!!!! happy birthday to you mother dear! take care much love, charlene xo

  2. The service today in loving memory of Phil was very fitting for him. It captured Phil's sense of humour so well, and also his absolute faith and trust in our Lord Jesus. What a witness! The Guilford family unity is something so pleasing to witness, something I am motivated to nurture in my own family.
    Phil was a unique special young man that I feel very very privileged to have known. Again, thank you for this blog, and thank you all for letting us share your journey. Love and continued prayer, Caroline Weatherhead

  3. What more can I say that Caroline hasn't said, it was a beautiful day. Happy Birthday to you for tomorrow Lyn. Julie Lynch

  4. I didn't really know Phil at all but am glad to share in this as much as I can with you Kris. Was also really impressed yesterday by a sense of how cool your family is. I know families are weird beasts that have strange and unique faults but you and many others are also really blessed by how fun, supportive and loving you guys are. It's cool to see you guys pulling together and growing as a family during this. Much love. Amy

  5. Nan and Geoff DethlefsOctober 5, 2009 at 10:04 PM

    It has been amazing, Tom and Lyn, to see your incredible strength through Phil's struggle and victory over his cancer. (Thanks for showing us that strength.) I say victory because Phil never succumbed to complaining but got on with the life God had allowed him to have - what a witness to his family and mates! It has been a pleasure to share a little in Phil's life at Chairo, and in the lives of Sherryn, Melinda and Jenny, who have also shown great courage and composure. Ben and Kris did an amazing job sharing as we celebrated Phil's Christ-focused, fun-filled, short life. May God long be praised because of the faithful, courageous witness of the Guilford family. Thank you for the chance to see deep faith in process. Our love to you all - in Jesus' Name, Nan and Geoff Dethlefs