Friday, October 30, 2009

Reflection from Phil's teacher

This is an email that I was sent during the week from Phil's teacher Jenni. Kris x

As you know, I was Phil’s Year 6 Core Teacher at Chairo. He commenced Year 6 as a cheeky, up-beat young man. It was difficult to share his diagnosis with the class at the commencement of Term 2 and I think that as a class we drew closer to Phil through prayer.

I remember Phil making a visit to the class as he (and for memory your mum) were on their way to the Children’s Hospital for the initial surgery on his leg. Prior to his visit I had tried to explain to the other students the procedure that Phil was having undertaken, a difficult concept for 12 year olds to fathom. Anyway, when Phil arrived, we had both classes of Year 6 in the one room; Phil was open to questions and answered with a mixture of maturity and cheekiness.

Of course, the inevitable question was asked; ‘How do you feel about having your leg chopped off?’ I, for one, was stunned into silence as this mature response was made; ‘If God needs me to have a artificial leg for me to complete the work that he wants me to do; then I am happy to go ahead with the surgery.’ WOW! What a witness.

Through all my contact with Phil, that is what I will always remember; his desire to live for God, regardless of the circumstances, his passion for God’s creation (both natural environment and humankind alike) and his interest in all the people that he met. He remains my HERO, an example of who I am in Christ and how I should reflect God and His love in all that I think, say and do.

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