Friday, October 9, 2009

reality and small shirts...

My phone beeped a little while ago, and I thought, it's Melinda telling me that Phil's back and it's all a dream.  He's looking forward to seeing me on the weekend.

On a lighter note...slightly humorous....

Ben was putting on his suit for the funeral the other day....and his shirt wouldn't fit, it was too small........ Phil was cremated wearing the suit he wore to Ben's wedding...but wearing Ben's shirt not his own....woops.



  1. I'm so glad to read that you can smile through this Kris. What else can we do, after all? Blessings on you sis, & you & your family continue to be in my prayers,
    Love Joce <><

  2. That is a great story Kris. Will keep reading this as long as you have things to write! Hope uni's going well. Thinking of you often, will call soon.

  3. I still check this blog nearly every day so thank you for keeping it up. I feel a lot of us have grown closer to your family through this blog and the events you have recorded and I kinda don't want to lose that! No pressure to keep it up when you don't feel you can......but THANKS. All your efforts are much appreciated. Always thinking of you guys. Caroline W

  4. Laughter is a good gift... thanks, Kris :) Praying for you all. Elisabeth Marshall

  5. That is quite funny you know! And I agree with all the above comments - thanks :) Sarah