Monday, October 12, 2009

all about eggs problems...

Kris told me she'd put the video up so I had a watch, and found that the sound was out of sync.  I've removed the link for now, and Kris and I will have a fiddle and try to figure it out and put it back up for you all as soon as we can.
Making All About Eggs was such a lot of fun.  I would come home tired from uni and Phil would pester me until I would agree to work on it for a while that day.  I'm so glad we got it finished, it is such a wonderful memory to have of Phil, and some of the great times we had together. 


  1. We watched it, out of sync and all. And I thought all us Marshalls were mad! :) What a great record to have.
    David and Jill, Becky, Ruth and Abby in NZ

  2. How hilarious! I don't know how you kept such straight faces! Phil really knew a lot of stuff about stuff that no-one else really knew about, didn't he?!