Sunday, October 25, 2009

Phil's facebook.

We decided to deactivate Phil's facebook today.....  there is a new side panel that suggests people you haven't written to for a while.  Phil's face popped up suggesting that both Mum and I should reconnect with him.......  this is one of the album's Phil had up...a rafting trip with Ben...I like the annotations that he wrote to go with the pictures.  Kris x

Ok so heres the story. Ben and i decided we wanted to do something a bit different on a camping trip. So we built a raft. It was made of a ply board and pine box, parts of an old bed and truck inner tubes. We even had camp chairs mounted on it for a bit of extra comfiness.

We paddled around for the first day and discovered that it was incredibly stable. So we went back to shore grabbed the gas stove and some sausages and cooked dinner in the middle of a lake.

The next day we decided to mount the sail...which was a complete and utter disaster. Then we decided to try to paddle to a point that looked about ten kilometers away. It took about three and a half hours to get there. Then we walked back to the campsite to get the car to pick up the raft. It turned out that our "10" kilometer adventure was more like a much less impressive 2.

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