Saturday, November 7, 2009

Holiday coming up.

This photo popped up on my computer yesterday.  Milo is really big now, can't even see him fitting in that chair all by himself.  He was a present for Phil from the Make A Wish Foundation. 

Phil receiving his probably all time favourite present.  It's this kind of gun that shoots balls of air...lots of fun, very useful for annoying people, and it is still going strong.  I love the facial expression.

We are going on a family holiday to Mt Martha from tomorrow till next Sunday, which should be a good time to get away.  It's Phil's birthday on Friday so it will be good to be together as a family for that. 

Melinda texted me to say that she had just finished her last uni assignment ever yesterday, and yesterday Sherryn had some of her exams, no more till Jan or Feb for her.   Jenny has a piano exam the week after family holiday and I have two then as well. 

Not really sure how people are going, probably cause I'm not sure how I am, and combined with the urgent need to study I haven't got time and energy to think about it!  Can't seem to multitask much these days.  I'm either sad, or I'm getting things done. 

Anyway I should be studying right now!! 
Kris x


  1. Great pics Kris!
    You know I'm praying and am just a few rooms down if you need anything. Now that I've started exam study I'm happy to help with NT.
    Christy xx

  2. Hey Kris, hope the holiday is a blessing to you as a family. I'm still praying for you, and am glad there are lots of people sharing God's comfort & love with you all. Miriam.