Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wow...nearly two weeks between posts.

Just looked at the blog, feels like a while since anything has been put up.

Nothing has changed in case you wondered.  Phil hasn't suddenly turned up somewhere, and I doubt any of us is missing him any less.  I'm not. I think my missing grows bigger as the time gets longer.  It hasn't even been two months feels like so much longer on some levels.  But then we tell stories that "just happened the other day" that were months ago....time is strange, so slow and yet so fast. 

Our family holiday was a good time together, but I definately noticed Phil's absence, we'd sit down for dinner or to play a board game and I'd be waiting for someone else to come before we could start....oh yeah, he's not here.  Ouch. 

I think I have been waiting for something to happen that is going to make me feel better, but was reminded by a friend the other day that I'm not suddenly going to feel better.  It's a strange process, not sure how anyone maps where they are at, cause I don't think it's that easy to figure it out.   

Kris x

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  1. How do we measure losing a loved one .... dont think we ever do. Each day is a new day, some days it feels like they passed away ages ago and other days it seems like yesterday. Some days bring smiles and others tears but the place those we love stays forever in our hearts. Loving prayers to you all xxxx Kaylene Gardner