Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm back in Warragul now, with one last essay to go.  Everyone else is on holidays and my motivation levels aren't particularly high.   Anyway from my "study area" (the dining room table) I can see Dad picking raspberries in the back yard and it reminded me of this photo of Phil helping Dad with the gardening.

When I got home the other day Melinda and Dad had berry stains on their clothing.  Mum, Dad and Mel had all been picking berries together and Mel was reminiscing that she didn't have anyone to have berry fights with anymore (it was a memorable past time of her and phil's)....  seconds later she was hit by an overripe berry thrown by Dad and it was on. 

Kris x


  1. I just realised what they are doing. They are planting daffodil bulbs. Love Phil's plumber crack.

  2. Your Dad is a champion for doing that.

  3. Hey, what a great pic....hehe yes the plumber crack. Such a cute bub Phil was! Love Moni