Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yesterday it was 3 months.  12 weeks exactly, it was even a Tuesday, which was the same day Phil died.  It's strange how quickly and slowly that time goes by.  He is very much missed.  When people talk about going and seeing Mel and Jen in Warragul it sounds so strange to me...cause they aren't going to see Phil as well any more.  Or when people ask how many siblings I have, I automatically say six...but if the questions get more ages etc... I don't really know where to go next. Don't want to make some poor person feel really awkward or end up in tears during a simple ice breaker conversation. 

Mum and Dad are away till tomorrow having a holidays which is great.  I was away at coffee shop but haven't been well so have come home.  Mel and Jen have been manning the fort at home and are working summer jobs packing school books.

Kris x

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